MLA comments on call for leadership convention

During Saturday’s BC NDP provincial council North Coast MLA Gary Coons added his voice to those MLAs calling for a leadership convention, saying he is concerned with some recent events within the party related to the leadership of Carole James. … 46304.html

Concerned? what is there to be concerned about? the fact shes angry that her party is falling apart at the seams? gee if only they had someone to pull them together someone to show leadership someone they could call a leader to look to to bring the party forward. Oh right thats what the members of her party are looking for and they are getting a cry baby whiner who instead of taking constructive criticism acts like a child and kicks them out of her party.

Well ms james fuck you. You’ve shown you are as dictatorial and useless as Campbell. You will not run our province now please go somewhere live a long life and die in obscurity. Nobody cares what you have to say all you do is criticize like a nagging wife.

Stupid fuckers think her surviving a vote means their party is ready to lead? really too bad the rest of the province disagrees. … -vote.html

A candidate that can win a leadership convention isn’t necessarily the best one to win a general election. And vice-versa.