Missing puppy

8 week old blue (grey) female puppy with white paws, white chest and white stripe going up her nose. She went missing on the night of the 28th from 6th East in Prince Rupert. There is a reward for her safe return. Please contact Janet at 250-600-0290 if you have any information.

Cute puppy! hvaen’t seen this one, but there is another lost dog out there. The dog has been lost for 2 days now, I didn’t get the guy’s name that was looking today but the dogs name is “MILEY” lost near the SPAC intersection. If anybody on here knowa the owner, please let him know i did spot the dog today about 5.10pm on Frederick Street, and the dog went into the roadway to Williams Moving & Storage. I sure hope he can find him.

Bump. I hope you find your puppy. Very cute indeed. :smile:

Oh my, how cute! I was walking my dog today and a large almost shepard type dog but with the pinned back ears of a sharpei kept us company for the entire time. The dog did not want to leave the gravel area of the waterfront. It was very friendly/affecionate to me and nice with my small dog. It had a collar but no tag. Seemed to be lost. It was such a wonderful day i didn’t want to load him in the car, rather i hoped he would have only wandered away from the owner. He was large…and intimadating to other dogs but only briefly…i hope someone reads this and says he was just having a happy wander and not actually a lost dog. I also hope you find you puppy! How did a dog that tiny get seperated from the mom? Did he perhaps get stolen?

I believe I saw the same dog in the company of another medium-size grey shaggy-haired dog near Kwinitsa station heading west around 3pm.

I will make some phone calls for you today Janet. Also I was wondering if you knew of any puppies for sale? Please let me know and I will do the same if I hear anything about mrs wrinkleface.

c 56 9742338

a neighbour down the street had her outside peeing this morning on a leash and my boyfriend spotted her and got her back. thanks to everybody for all your help and support.
dj, i have one pup left available from lisa’s litter. she is 8 week old brindle and white female. call me if you are interested in checking her out