Missing dog - Sunday Oct 7/07

Hi all - my husband was taking our dogs for a walk at the waterfront (lightering dock) and one of our dogs was spooked by a larger dog and got away from my husband.  Please - if you see him - call us!

He is black and white - Italian Greyhound (think miniature greyhound) - and was wearing a fleece “jammie” that is neon green with martini glasses on it.  His name is Storm, but he won’t come to strangers. 

Storm is the dog on the left in this photo.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Of course - 15 minutes after I post that, we found him - in front of Smiles Cafe - maybe he wanted some fish??


LOL, pretty cute.

Good thing you found him BTW.

They are adorable. Fast little buggers, too.

I’m glad you found your dog. Maybe next time keep them on a leash? Judging by the amount of dogs I see out for walks without them you’d think no one in Rupert had heard of a leash.

Ah, don’t assume anything CrazyMike.  I’ve had my dog run away from me when he was on a leash! 

It’s not unheard of, and these are “Santas Little Helpers” – I’ll bet they’re fast!

glad you found him  :smiley:

I heard the deer had the dog hostage?  :astonished:

I might be wrong about the circumstances of the lost dog, but I’m sure as hell not wrong about the need for people to learn to use leashes in this town.

Maybe I’ll suggest that as the next revenue grab for the city.  :smiley:

Mike…you like to stir up the shit eh?
You are right though.  There should be more of an effort by dog owners to leash their dogs.  I know when I walk through Moresby and along the waterfront my dog is off leash until I see some one walking…or some one with a dog especially.  9/10 times he comes whencalled and I leash him up.  NEVER when walking downtown is my dog unleashed.
Anywhre else is open off leashed season.

Hahaha - I like the deer taking him hostage - that was definitely a possibility. 

As for them in sweaters - have you seen the hair on a greyhound?  Sometimes they need an extra layer!

And as for the leash comment - he was on a leash when it all went down - but when i found him it had been torn by something.  I definitely do agree with enforcing the leash laws though - because then my baby boy wouldn’t have been confronted with a large dog off leash and wouldn’t have had to search for him. 

Ah well - thank you all for the well wishes that he was found and is all safe now.  He endured a couple of scrapes but is overall not seriously hurt.  :smile:

Oh - and as for “santa’s little helpers” - yes, they are fast being in the greyhound family, but they are a lot smaller - averaging a 15" or so from the ground to the shoulder.  Storm is a year and a half old, and Lightning is almost 3 - so they are done growing. :smile:

I have met kaleid and their 2 dogs many times during there walks.  I must say they are very responsible pet owners.  Both dogs are scared of larger dogs to the point of trying to climb up their masters, quite funny to watch actually, however kaleid  brings them to my big monster puppy and trys working with them to get them past the fear. They do not grab the dogs up in their arms as many do when a large dog is around. I sure do not mind seeing these dogs off leash running at my monster puppy.

Hey kaleid,

I think I saw your pets once on McBride when I was out for a stroll; they are beautiful animals.  I’m happy to hear you found Storm. :smiley:

Keep them on a leash at Morseby too. My puppy was attacked there recently by a dog off the leash.

I don’t care how well behaved your dog or dogs are off the leash. All it takes is one dog to start something and the others join in. I’ve a few leash burns on my fingers to show for obeying the leash law.

I just don’t understand the mentality. Assume for a second that you are 100 percent sure that your dog is so well behaved that he will listen to your every command, no matter what the stimuli. This is impossible but lets go with that. You still can’t account for how the OTHER dogs are going to behave. If one of them comes running at your dog, which is a common occurance thanks to all those people who believe they have control of their dog off leash, then the best way to protect your dog is to have it on a leash.

That doesn’t even take into account how other people will react to your dog running up to them to say hello. Some people are scared silly of dogs for very good reasons.

When my dog was alive he was never off leash. Even in my yard he was on a tether. There’s no excuse for so many people walking dogs off leash in this town and I would be happy as heck to see the bylaw people handing out fines for it.

And yes, this is a pet peave of mine.

Easy now Chief.
I put my dog on a leash if I encounter other dogs…now if the other dog owner doesnt have the dog leashed and running free…Then I let mine off right away so that he can defend himself…and so I dont get involved in a big dog scrap.

I am for the leash law.  Having said that I know that alot of dogs on leash and tied on are very aggresive where off leash they are the most freindly dogs on the go. 

dogs are usually more aggresive when on leash… i noticed that too…
how bout we all just stay in the house and dont do anything
then no one would have anything to complain about… not that people wouldnt find somthing to complain about  :unamused:

lol, complaining is part of human nature isnt it?  The same as aggressiveness is in the cainine behavior, as long as we are aware of the flaws in both parties we should be able to minimize the conflicts.

well I cant remember the last time I washed poo off my shoe…