Missing Daschund

If anyone has seen a little black daschund in the Conrad St area please phone 6242012. Thank You

It is more brown in color

Reward offered to anyone who aids on the finding of this dog

Have you posted on Facebook Prince Rupert Pets and if not, would you like me to post it for you? Checked with the SPCA? I live on 11th. East so have been keeping an eye out.

500 dollar reward for anyone finding the dog

Yes please check with the SPCA…

Maybe try the City bylaw officer,He may have heard something

Any luck finding puppy? Do you have posters up in the area? It is on FB and shared but no replies, yet.

This dog is still missing…someone said they may have spotted it crossing prb and heading towards maverick mart area, hopefully people living around 11th, India and Jamaica may have seen something…she was believed to be spooked by a pitbull that was off leash wandering into her owners yard while being let out. The dog is just over 1 yrs old.

She came home by herself early Tues morning. Thank you to all those who helped, commented, or wished us the best. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

I am sooooo HAPPY for you and your Missy !! Big hugs for her and LOTS of treats !!

Thanks Codybear