Missing chihuahua

MISSING DOG!!! Dark brown chihuahua/weiner dog. Last seen around 7 pm Friday. PLEASE contact 250 600 2032 if you have any information. AWARD$$$$
His name is Shadow, two years old, not neutered.

What area of town?

We were walking him at Ridley Island when he took off on us. A lady we found later said that someone picked him up from the side of the road to take him to the SPCA, which is closed. That’s what she said anyway.

So I’m hoping whoever took him sees this message. Whoever took him probably either works at ridley or goes there often, so if you know anyone who may have been there this evening, it would be great if you would check to see if they have him and give them our number. 600-2032

If you have him please call us ASAP, we’re losing our minds with worry.

WE FOUND HIM!!! Thank you for all your help everyone! Shadow has been returned to us safe and sound.

You guys are the best! Thanks for all your concern.

glad you got the little guy back… weiner dogs aka dachshunds, beagles and other hound family members find a scent and track it down… they were bred for it… glad you got him…