Missing cat

We are missing our cat Rocky from the Pigott/ Overlook area. We’re not sure how long he’s been gone, we just found out after returning from our vacation that he’s not around anymore. Please reply to this post if you’ve seen him.

So sorry to read this. Did you have a pet sitter, maybe they let him out of the house unknowingly? Have you gone on vacation before and left him without any problems ? I hope you find him, try the SPCA and good luck.

How long ago did you go on vacation? We had a grey ish color cat show up at our house to eat our cats food, when the door was open on the few nice days we had. At least I think it was a grey cat. this was two weeks ago maybe. I haven’t seen him since, but I’ll ask my parents if they have. We live on Herman Place.

There’s a guy on Overlook who feeds and cares for a lot of strays. Super nice guy, named Mike. He has a couple of vans in his yard, and he lives by the middle set of stairs on Overlook. Maybe take a walk and go and talk to him to see if he’s seen your cat.

Thanks for all the replies.
We were gone for over six weeks and had a pet sitter coming in to feed the cats - we have five of them. We also have a cat flap so can come and go as the wish. We got home last night ( Aug. 17) and all the other cats are around except Rocky

The cat came back at noon today. Thanks for all your help.

YAY, that’s great! We often get random cats hanging out at our house. I think they like to hang out with our cats. Well, the younger one anyway, the older one is a grouchy old coot.

Bad kitty! Making you worry like that !! Must have missed all his siblings or the extra treats he should get for being lost and alone !! Good news !