Miss Canada crowned Miss Universe 2005

Miss Canada Natalie Glebova was crowned
Miss Universe 2005 in Bangkok on Tuesday.

Give her the Stanley Cup!

Yeah, Canada has the most gorgeous women on earth!

shes not one of them though!

i dunno… im gunna say she pretty damn hot.

something about the nose/eyes/lips is offputting

well now you’re just getting shallow.

She’s pretty, but her nose is a bit weird.

is it shallow to say id rather see the bacteria on mars win miss universe?

I didn’t realize that people still gave a shit about beauty pagents. Don’t get me wrong, good for Miss Canada and all, but really.

The concept of Miss Universe cracks me up. Is she really the most beautiful woman in the UNIVERSE? William Shatner should have been one of the judges. He has been with enough women from other planets to know for sure.