Miss Bobbit Strikes again?

An Alaskan woman has been thrown in jail, where she belongs, for fully slicing off her boyfriend’s dingdong and proceeding with its flushing down a toilet.
I wonder what she would think if a man took pruning shears to her clit!
This is obviously someone who doesn’t have the slightest regard for the saying, “put yourself in their shoes”.

Kim Tran, 35, has been charged with first-degree assault, domestic violence and tampering with evidence.

An argument between her and the 44 year old boyfriend preceded the incident because he wanted to break up.
Somehow she talked the guy into having sex because according to police, this man, thinkin’ he was gonna get his pecker wet, agreed too have his hands tied above the bed.
I realize women are manipulative, but what the fuck buddy. Men, there’s a certain number of things you should (not) consider doing when breaking up with a sensitive girl.

This monster that calls herself Kim acquired a knife, cut off his member and immediately flushed it. That’s what I call ‘no remorse’.

The shlong was miraculously recovered by utility workers and successfully re-attached by physicians.

I have a slight doubt that buddy will think twice before ever breaking a girl’s heart and being gullible enough to believe that (handless) sex is a logical outcome.
I don’t think I’d call this one of those “come and go” kinda relationships, where a couple keeps getting back together :

Oh I see, when a guy gets his hoo-ha chopped off it’s a big deal, but when thousands of women have been and still are getting their genitalia pruned and what ever god aweful thing men find more pleasurable it’s no big deal. Besides, in ancient China parents would cut off their son’s wang so that he could become an official in the royal court. Sure I feel bad for the guy but I really wonder how much money he’s gonna get getting outta her. Stupid woman.

By the way this is Anita.

Good thing you added it wasn’t Eso… the hoo-ha part didn’t lead me to believe otherwise. :smiley: