Mirar? A type of Spyware? THE RISK OF DESTROYING YOUR COMPUTER? OI!-Resolved-

So I sit down at my computer and I open up Internet Explorer, and there is a new tool bar called “Mirar”. I haven’t downloaded anything new, I hardly ever do and because I’m so confused and so paranoid  I research it, and link after link says that it’s a form of spyware that imbed it self as a tool bar and it’s from Ad-Aware, and you have to download this thing to remove it but there’s also a list of how to remove it manually, but there’s a warning that says “There is a risk of destroying your computer if you aren’t experienced”.

Major SOS, I tried to search for the files they said would be on my computer but I couldn’t find any, and I think I’m pretty computer savvy- I’ve deleted a few trojans in my time but this is just Woooah.

Hurrah! It was fixed, Mirar is gone- And so are like a bunch of other things I didn’t even know were on here. Fire Fox I am using now, thanks.

Step 1: Download Mozilla Firefox and stop using Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Download Spyboy Search & Destroy and let it clean up your shit.

AVG Anti-Spyware. Free download at free.grisoft.com. Used to be called Ewido, one of the best.
And yeah, forget IE even exists. I only suffered through that POS for a couple years between Netscape turning to crap and Firefox being released.