Minister announces new funding for local tourism projects

The minister of state for western economic development, Lynne Yelich was in Prince Rupert on Wednesday to announce $593,000 in new federal funding for projects in the Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding. … 76773.html

Nice that the region is getting some funding but not a dime of that money is going towards project in the city, pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

It may help if we elect someone on the right side of govt,may be we need mr gatafi
to come with his billons we can set up a tent for him.

Perhaps bthedog. Remember though that there was 9 million (3 Feds; 3 Provincial and 3 City of Prince Rupert) for a dock that I thought our local tourism committee would have really tried ahead of time to have the cruise ships here and growing vs decreasing. I am still unsure exactly what Tourism PR actually does!!

I am happy to see funds flowing through our area though, they will create some jobs that are desperately needed here.