Million Dollar Web Page

I had seen this before, long ago when he first started. Something caused me to go and check on how he’s doing… man oh man all it takes is a simple but original idea and then bring on the $$$


Too bad each block costs $100US… that would be a cool thing to put a link on.

Maybe some of the google income can be used for putting a little htmf logo. MiG is making a killing with that!! :wink:

I wonder what a 10x10 HTMF logo would look like…

That would be cool. I still can’t believe this guy has brought in over half a million dollars.


He is done selling his page. The last 1000 pixels were on ebay:

Cool! Great story, too. I love all the rip-offs! Like the “100 thousand dollar webpage” heh.

I wonder if you can get your AdSense earnings in Google shares instead of dollars. The exchange isn’t as impressive as it once was…

exerpt from Kafka’s little known foray into children’s books.