Migraine info pls re help and triggers

Some of you must have experience with these headaches.

What do you think causes yours? Triggers?

Care to share what has worked for you that is accessable in Prince Rupert? I am especially interested in non-prescription but would like to hear it all.

Would you also mind to indicate if you are male or female if you comment?

Thanks so much.

first and foremost check your diet!!! then other things like your environment. Caffeine, food coloring, Gluten allergy… Just to name a few…

Birth control pills have been known to cause migraines…ladies on the pill should keep track of headaches to see if same time as cycle.

Yeah, my doctor suggested that to me as well, because I get headaches frequently, but I don’t find it’s in time with my cycle.

I suffered from migraines all my life until I hit menopause then not as frequent but I have lupus and suffer from a different from of headaches, seem related to the low pressure in this area. Rain is a killer ! I take 2000 IUs. of Vitamin D daily, one in the morning, one at night. No coffee after 3PM (I only drink 2 cups daily) and lots of plain Greek yogourt. I have found it helpful , maybe the calcium helps? Also, bananas, so I guess potassium may be helpful also? I have tried various natural supplements but haven’t found them very helpful for migraines so discontinued them, black cohosh gave me horrendous heartburn ! Triggers? Coffee, chocolate except for dark choc.,and Zoloft which I was prescribed many years ago for one year. Also, stress, heat and humidity and hormone fluctuations .