MiG Makin' the Coffee

I am on my way to Tim’s right now. If it’s not open I will have to make my own coffee!  Gasp!

When do you make your own coffee? Just curious.

I make my own cappuccino.  Sometimes.

Re: Mig’s Coffee

Mig:  I am on my way to Tim’s right now. If it’s not open I will have to make my own coffee!   Gasp!

Futuregirl: When do you make your own coffee? Just curious.

Mig: I make my own cappuccino.  Sometimes.

LOL, oh oh Mig, you been busted… as you like to say screenshot (or video) or it never happened:-D

Here’s a screenshot of me making coffee:


Pam could be making the cappucinno… you could just be taking pictures!

Yes, quite true!

What we require is something along the lines of a self help tutorial video, Mig as the Galloping Gourment or such, with step by step directions on how to make a cappucinno.

You know video of Mig turning on the water, mixing those special ingredients together, watching the bewing process and of course pouring the perfect cup…

Perhaps a video posted on You Tube will reduce all of this suspicion over Mig’s cappucinno making intent… :imp:

You’ve thrown down the challenge.  I will be on youtube tonight!

LOL, looking forward to the latest epic from the Kitchen’s of Mig… don’t forget to smile to the camera when you enjoy that first cup,  :smiley:  even if it isn’t quite what you thought it would be… :astonished:

LOL, nice to see Mig De-hijack the cel phone thread, this one should clearly get far more hits, once you’ve posted your tutorial to YouTube, we’re all hoping for the video to be posted here.

Ok, so you may make cappuccino every once in a while but not without asking where is the coffee, what temperature and how much milk.

Sorry but I had to do it:


I can’t believe you own five espresso machines. That is a lot of espresso.

I can’t believe I’m being pwned so badly over coffee.

My five espresso machines are all nerdy ones.  Like the Espresso Mio, which is a microwavable espresso machine – won a bunch of design awards, so I had to have one.  I also have one of those little camping ones so you can make espresso over a fire.  And my latest one is that Italian stove-top cappuccino machine.

I’m gonna make a video of it in action as soon as Pam shows me where the milk is.

LOL, good thing there was still milk left in town, what with the road closed and Podunk always on the cusp of panic when that happens.

Personally I’d rather see the video with the Italian machine, after all if you’re going to go to the trouble of a cappuccino, well, it’s gotta be original.

He is making the video now, stay tuned.

Hmmm, shouldn’t you be making the video, I thought Mig was supposed to be making the coffee?? :confused:

I did and I am going to apologize for the poor filming job before hand. I admit that I don’t film as well as I make coffee.

Ah, I’m sure it will be fine, it will be like the Zapruder film, we’ll be looking for the second sipper :smiley:

It’s a bit shaky, and the kid had to get involved, but here’s the video.

The coffeemaker is the Bialetti Mukka Express:

bialetti.it/it/catalogue/sch … ?id_cat=69

I bought it on eBay when I couldn’t find it anywhere in Canada.  The shipping was more than the coffeemaker itself.  I’m sure it’s available in Canada now, though.  If you’re a coffee nerd, you should try this.  One-step cappuccino.  It makes the espresso, bubbles it through the milk, then steams the milk for you.