Mig Hits 10000

Congrats to mig on achieving 10000 HTMF posts

Yep, kudos on hitting 10K, MiG! :sunglasses:

Woah, make that 10001.

I thought for sure that somebody posting in the “Word Association” thread would beat me to 10000.  I mean, that’s the point of the thread, right?

:astonished: and all this time I thougt it was to prove how derailed ones train of though is???

Congrats Mig! I’m still waiting to get it on with Mavis beacon. :wink:

MiG is becoming the Wilt Chamberlain of htmf

I’m in a distant second.

I think MiG should get the baseball-style title “Mr. 10000”.

I just thought that I should post my own # 4000 in this thread.