Microsoft and open source?

An interesting opinion piece.  Microsoft is still the main player in desk top computing.  This article suggests that MS should not bask in the glow of past successes.

[quote]Microsoft needs to feel hunger, in other words. Putting its feet to the fire by reducing its cash hoard is one way. But where should it place its bets?

One big bet Microsoft should make is on open source, the tool of the underdog, a label that is coming to fit the Redmond giant.

Yes, Microsoft is increasingly dabbling in open source, but the company needs to get more than its feet wet. It needs to dive into open source head first.[/quote]

Microsoft and open source?

they’re going to run into trouble when people start noticing projects like samba4. I’m already using samba as a primary domain controller for a few smaller clients and one medium sized one… works  great provides all the features they/I need.

Just need a good exchange replacement and large business will start to take notice.