Micro Controller

I wanted to make this security project this is what i want to do

i want an infra red at the door which when crossed, rings the bell.

2ndLy i wanted it to be connected with the PC through a micro controller so when i press lock the door should not open.

now what i need is WHich micro controller to use and and what sort or IR ray would be used ????

That setup would still be vulnerable to a *.axe attack.

Yeah dude, dig yourself a shallow grave for x-mas…

Oh, and welcome to HTMF.

Easy to do. Just buy a ir reciever and transmitter. and buy a serial to usb adapter with a lm3990 chip : O )

Or buy a webcam and download some software. Not only do you have an audable alarm you have video too.

Hook it to a device with C4. then im sure no one will want to enter your room.

Match in the gas tank, boom boom!

bee bee boo boo

or at least you won’t be around to care about it if they try anyway…