Mickey D's shutting down for 2 months

Heard today that McDonalds is shutting down for a major reno. Dont know how true it is.

Yes, I heard the same thing.  It’s been sold and the new owners are doing renovations.

I wonder if the indoor playground will be part of the renos?

That’d be nice… but only if it’s clean (those places are so icky)

no mc d’s or green apple…  Maybe they wont be so chinzy on the ketchup now

and don’t forget the napkins… i hate that i have to ask for them…

Billy, I think it’s time that you cook and eat healthy.

Billy eats at Mc D’s every day!  I see him come home with a bag of Mc D’s for dinner almost every day, and sometimes at lunch too!  Most singletons don’t cook for themselves!

My room mate is single, he cooks for himself.

Me on the other hand… But I don’t count, being a gal and all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I edited my statement.


People who eat mcdonalds should be treated like smokers. Filthy disgusting people who are nothing but a drain on our healthcare system. Oh and any of you who feed that vile tripe to your children should have them taken away from you.  How dare you poison your children!

That is all.

LOL, Sometimes you are ALRIGHT Jesus!! HAHAHA :smiley:

Apparently the owners of Timmy’s are now the owners of Mickey D’s as well!

About time they get renovated… the place there is falling apart. Pipes leaking, virtually no space to move about inside. It’s quite hazardous back there.

Ya I worked there and I asked around and they dont plan to renovate anytime soon…
They said even if they do they will only shut down the lobby and keep the drive-thru open.

That’s funny but it’s also true.  Some people care more about the type of fuel that they put in their car than they care about the fuel they put in their body.  McDonald’s is disgusting.  It’s enlarging bellies and clogging arteries around the planet.

Mmmm. but it tastes soooo good.

The only thing that makes me sicker than McDonalds is attitudes like this one. 

Well, the snack wraps are good…

Give me a flippin break! I know smokers who are anything BUT “filthy disgusting people who are nothing but a drain on our healthcare system.” Those words come from the mouth of pure ignorance. Who made you the voice of reason? What makes you think your the person who can cast judgement on other people…people who have an addiction. This kind of bullshit makes me sick and reminds me of what ignorant assholes some people are.