Michael Jackson dies at 50

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Just as I remember Hitler for his vegetarian lifestyle… :stuck_out_tongue:


And who said Wikipedia is not a good source for REAL background.

There you go…you also are able to appreciate the artistic skills of people.
We can’t ask for more than that, can we?

I’ll admit that I was never a fan. I hate R n’ B music and found his over the top performances particularly distasteful.

I also was unclear as to where he stood on the Boy-Man Love thing. Was he or wasn’t he a member of NAMBLA?

Yes He did die but SO did Farrah Fawcet earlier that morning to Do not forget her R.I.P Farrah

I have always thought that he wasn’t guilty of the molestation charges that were brought against him because of the fact that he never had his own childhood.  Not like ‘normal’ kids, anyways.  I think that when he became an adult (in age only), his mental state was very much like that of a child - and not knowing that some actions are inappropriate - especially around other children.  He may have looked at having a sleepover with a bunch of 12-ish aged boys when he was in his 30s wasn’t a big deal.  Nor perhaps did he think that sharing a bed (only for sleeping) or playing around while the kids and himself were in their undies, was a bad thing.  A 12 year old would be doing the same thing with his friends of the same age (ok, maybe not 12, maybe a bit younger, but you get the idea) and nobody would blink.  But a 30-something eccentric pop star doing that with boys at his home that was essentially an amusement park = wtf kind of responses from parents.

I could be totally wrong, perhaps he was guilty from the start and was either lucky or simply threw his money around to get out of it.  For the sake of himself, his children and those kids he had visit and stay with him at the ranch, I hope that he didn’t cross the line in regards to molestation. 

But as was already stated - now we will never know.

Yes there are first the girls and girls some think they can just walk away, then we have the boy to boy and yet again some think they can walk away but when it gets to adult and kids no one should be allowed to think they can just walk away. They will meet the maker.

Autopsy results of Mr. Jackson are inconclusive at this time:

[quote]LOS ANGELES, June 26 (Reuters) - Doctors conducted an autopsy on the body of Michael Jackson on Friday but could not immediately determine what killed the “King of Pop,” amid reports he had been injected with a narcotic painkiller shortly before collapsing.

Jackson was in full cardiac arrest when paramedics arrived at his rented mansion in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, with his personal physician trying desperately to revive him.

The 50-year-old pop superstar was rushed to nearby UCLA Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead without regaining consciousness.

“The cause of death (determination) has been deferred, which means that the medical examiner has ordered additional testing such as toxicology and other studies,” Los Angeles County Coroner’s spokesman Craig Harvey said. “Those tests we anticipate will take an additional four to six weeks.”[/quote]


Prison Yard curtain call…

From the Globe and Mail-- Filipino jail inmates who rose to Internet fame two years ago with their exercise regime featuring Thriller donned their dancing shoes once more on Saturday to pay tribute to Michael Jackson

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Freakin’ priceless…Laughed when I first saw it years ago…Gotta love the “guy” in the halter though…LOL all over again    :smiley:

Police ‘find methadone’ in Jackson’s home

Police reportedly found 20 types of drugs in Michael Jackson’s Los Angeles mansion, including the heroin substitute methadone.

The heroin substitute and 19 other types of drugs, including potentially lethal painkillers and anesthetics, were recovered from the pop legend’s Los Angeles mansion by police investigating his death last Thursday (25.06.09).

A source said: “The Jackson mansion was more like a drug store than someone’s home.”

Other drugs found included Fentanyl, a powerful painkiller given to terminal cancer patients and Oxycontin, another painkiller dubbed ‘Hillbilly Heroin’.