Michael Jackson dies at 50

This no joke: reports are that two major celebrities from the 80s have left our world on the same day

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[quote] Michael Jackson suffered a heart attack this afternoon at his home and paramedics were not able to revive him, TMZ reported. Jackson was administered CPR in the ambulance, the gossip site said.

The Los Angeles Fire Department says Michael was not breathing when paramedics arrived.[/quote]

also: freep.com/article/20090625/E … ckson+dead

Added to the speculative death is the confirmed passing of Farrah Fawcett, the greatest poster child for poster models of all time (i finally got to write that!).

Well I am so sorry to hear about Farrah, she went through so much with her suffering and battle, may she finally be at peace and I feel sorry for her family. Good the Pervert has gone, children may walk safely.

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BakerWriter get out your tunes and slng to Michael, he is gone and good.

Very sad about Farrah but a blessing for she had suffered so despite all her courage and strength. I had watched her video-documentary a month or so ago and was very moved by her as the woman, and not just the actress.  Condolences to her family and friends…She will be greatly missed…  As for Jack-O, well, it’s sad and I know that late night will have a field day with this one, too bad Jay’s not here for the fodder…With all the cosmetic “work” he’s had done, I have to wonder if there is a “mini-me” clone out there somewhere just waiting to take the throne as the King/Queen of Pop…Sorry, couldn’t resist, sympathies to the family but I feel no love loss for good old Jack-O…

Whelk it’s the end of an era I hope that when they perform the autopsy they can find out what planet he came from

Jack-O is about to meet his maker and I hope the judge has a good day with him, make him pay for all them little ones he may have hurt. I hope to never hear another Jack-O tune or see another video on a screen. Hoping Elvis slaps him around for violating his daughter.

oh dont worry there will be lots of shows and stories paying tribute to micauly culkin ex  :imp:

It’s on: we can start calling Mussallem “Jack-O” :imp:

he was a bit of a freak and i bet he thought everyone else was weird.

Boy I started the day reading FF died and the local band filed a petition against the mine and ordered them to remove all their equipment.
It looked like the day was going to be ALL BAD NEWS :imp:

Heh heh… I just heard the cause was food poisoning.

He ate an 8 yr old weiner…

Good one herbie_popnecker  :laughing:

So did you know it was bedtime in Jacko’s home? The big hand was always on the little hand.

As bizarre as he and his behavior became over the years i’ll
choose to remember him for all the great music he gave us
and the many contributions he made to the entertainment industry.

I hope he’s at peace.

Well said Piknic!

Politically Correct:

Michael Jackson lived a very extraordinary life. He was a great performer with a very weird personality, but it’s pretty sad he doesn’t even have a happy childhood.

RIP :frowning:

Politically Incorrect:

American pop song culture finally died.


sorry ill look at his negative side how he liked kids a little too much

He was cleared of those charges.  I also do think he was a bit weird, but, he had his day in court and he won.

Just as I have chosen to remember Jeffrey Dahmer for his superb tap dancing.

Police are looking for Michael Jackson’s personal physician but have been unable to contact him, they said. The doctor’s car was impounded from Jackson’s home Thursday after the entertainer’s death.