Metric - Very Elastica'esque

Currently I like this band too

They’re very Elastica’esque and the song “Glass Ceiling” is a kinda, self-pittying F-u note imo. Good sounds and some of their other stuff kinda makes ya feel smart for listening heh (quoted from Blender)

She’s definitely not hot though :cry:

Metric is good

She looks pretty good to me. I saw her in a video thing last year that documented indie bands that went on a Japanese tour. Definitely a good band, though, one of the few CDs I own.

Maybe it’s just the limited photos I’ve seen of her :smile:

Looks good there.

The Sounds, and Shiny Toy Guns are similar too. Both have their good songs.


Looks good there.[/quote]

wow not bad at all

I got nothing for this. I just wanted to own the Latest Forum board.

nanner nanner so do i :laughing:

Oh yeah don’t forget about the Pixies!!!