mEtHaD's Posting

Just found out I’m getting posted to squamish! Can anyone tell me anything about this place? I’ve never been there. Heard it’s beautiful… anyone know anything about it?


congrats !


I am not quite sure who you are Methad, but if you were at CHSS, you might remember Mr. Katramadakis.  He now lives in Squamish. 
Seems like a nice place.  Popular spot for Vancouver rock climbers as there is a big granit rock face.  I’ve been to a great brewery in this area.  They had some very nice dark beer.  It’s not far from Whistler and also quite close to Vancouver.  Could be expensive to find a place to stay.

Congratulations, Methad!

Enjoy the work, but stay safe.

I do remember Mr. K it will be interesting running into him again. Looked up some stuff in the city looks like there’s lot’s to do. Finding a place will be expensive however which kinda sucks but oh well.

Going to be a very good experience I’m very excited.

Thanks everyone!