MetalShop II

Buy your tickets soon there selling out!

Dvd’s of last years show and shirts will be for sale.

$15 at Teddys, Cooks, or the PAC.

Anyone have any tickets they aren’t going to use?

I’m glad that Anita got us tickets a long time ago. I would have waited until the last minute and not gotten any.

I missed the show last year, but everyone I’ve talked, even from wildly differing demographics, said it was great.

I thought I was going to have to work since it’s inventory time, but apparently I can make the show now. But of course… I didn’t get tickets in time.


Hah, sold more beer than Trooper concert.

Which Metallica Songs would you like to hear if we did a set? Has to be from the 80’s
Master of Puppets

Kill Em All: Seek & Destroy
Lighting: For Whom The Bell Tolls, Creeping Death, Fade To Black
Puppets: Battery, Puppets (shortened version maybe?)
Justice: Harverster Of Sorrow, One would be good too, but it’s too slow for a show like that.

I’d save Orion for in-between sets, not everyone likes instrumentals.

If you wanted to include the Black album songs in the set, eventhough it wasn’t out in the 80’s, you could always add in Enter Sandman and Sad But True.

Oh man, Good call.
Kill’em All : Jump In the Fire, Hit the Lights, Motorbreath, Seek and Destroy.
Ride: Trapped Under Ice, Creeping Death, FIght Fire with Fire, and Fade to black
Puppets: BATTERY! Damage Inc, Puppets and Sanitarium.

also if you decided to Do some of the Covers that they did from Garage Days.
Whiskey in the Jar, So What and Sabba_Cadabra

Orion. It’s always been my fav instrumental. I don’t have much use for anything they’ve done after Cliff Burton was killed.

Oh!! Last caress/green hell…