Metalshop ii

June 25th at the PAC. Tickets on sale now at Teddys and Cooks or at the Pac.

I’m thurr dude.

Do we know what bands they are playing music from? And if there is anyone opening?

witnub will be opening again im pretty sure.

i was talking to brian and paul, awhile back and they are doing mainly the same bands, and maybe some Metallica this time.

Metallica eh! Sound very good this year. KoRn!!!

How much are the tickits? i went to the first one and i loved it ! i know everyone in it becuz they have know mw since i was a baby

Im in it and i dont know who you are, Tickets are 15$ buy them soon i hear there going fast

who are you?

so you dont know everyone in the band

well Okay then?? :unamused: I know Brian,Paul,Mark, Darin

Well im the 5th person

And what is your name? And what do u play?

Play guitar

ahhh its Mr Page. The ACDC set was wicked last metal shop!