Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas to each and everyone in HTML land !!  :smile:

Joyeux Noël à tous et chacun dans HTML !!  :smile:


These good wishes apply to you also ‘Jesus’.
As you probably already know, I happen to know who’s “nutty and nice”…therefore you have a few hours to redeem yourself before I reach your strong-smelling sock hanging from your fireplace mantle.  Remember…I have a few lump of coal to reward all types of behaviour.
I’ll be keeping in touch with the “Moderators” to get an update on your report card.
Meanwhile…I know you can make it…try your best  :-D


Merci Santa Clone pass a safe journey please.

Though it won’t be a very merry Christmas for me, I hope it is for everyone else.

Is there something that Santa can do to make your Christmas merry?

                                  " ONE MORE SLEEP "
          this is it, another sleepless night for soooooooo many kids… :smiley:
              Merry Christmas to everyone, who wants it to be so…

Not unless you can magically transport my kids to me

We’re HTMF, not HTML, but that’s ok.  It’s Christmas.  Or maybe you meant everyone that uses HTML, the language.  Which is also awesome.

Merry Christmas!  Cookies for Santa –

Merry Christmas everyone.
I’m buried in stuffed animals with my grandkids on the couch in Terrace. Doing my duty to spoil them rotten tomorrow morning!

  good for you … love um and leave um… hahaha…Merry Christmas

Sorry children…Santa meant HTMF…drive safe.
Don’t forget the cookies and milk…3% please, even whipped cream will do.

To all my fellow Fun Seekers of HTMF, I wish you all A Very Merry Christmas and make it safe.

Merry Christmas Everyone !!  Eat well and stay safe  !!  Ho Ho HO !!!

Merry Christmas, HTMF!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Merry XMas to all !

Merry Christmas, HTMF!  :smiley:

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE    have a great day

                    OMG…I’m full…