Meltdown in Beantown

Well, THAT was an ugly display. No horns honking tonight :frowning:

did you expect a sweep?..gimme a break…the onlty thing i was pissed about was the decision to not pull luouingo after goals 5 6 7 or 8…efeen vigneault…

ya one good thing lately about the boys in Vancouver is they never doing anything half assed! way to go boys. I was hoping for a game 5 Vancouver win anyway.

I laughed!! And then kinda waited for the 3 or 4 Bruins fans in town to go honk around! And I am a Canucks fan…it just amuses me when they go all crazy and get thrown out of games, etc. And seriously…a Sedin with a 10 minute misconduct…wtf is that about, lol

go nuckleheads go. jk, think game 5 will be it? hopefully.

I think the Sedin misconduct was more akin to putting the guy into the witness protection program

$10,000,000 to let 8 goals in. Wow.

I wonder if he’s going to start tomorrow?

I am verklempt!


I wonder if he’s going to start tomorrow?[/quote]

Sure he’s going to start, of the eight goals, one was scored on him by his own player, two were goals scored by the Bruins while short handed, nice back checking there gang, of the five remaining goals, four were scored in the third period, where it appears the Canucks had decided to stop skating, stop checking and abandoned all thoughts of scoring it seems, effectively leaving Luongo on his own.

It’s a one off, they seem to have at least one of these meltdowns per series, can’t say as it all rests on the shoulders of Bobby Lou.

On the own goal he didn’t have his knees together. On the next he was flopped on his belly (As Howie Meeker used to say: Looking for nickels), on the next four he didn’t even react. Bobby Lou has one game per series where he’s absolutely leaden in performance, which can be a good thing to remind the team to not rely 100% on goaltending and score.
If Boston got the same performance in net it would’ve been 8-6.
But WTH happened to our power play? WTF excuse for the crappy passing? WTF is with total collapse every 2nd period?

Looking forward to seeing the real Canucks show up tonight.