Mechanics free estimates / free diagnosis?

Some guys were saying that one or more of the auto repair operations in town does free estimates and whatnot on your car, rather than charging for the hour or whatever. I’m just wondering if anyone knows if this is true. Frank’s name came up as one of the shops. My car is back to it’s stubborn ways again, and I already checked or changed everything I could think of last time it did this. It ended up running fine for two months and now I have the same problem again…

A few people mentioned running a fuel pressure test to rule out the fuel pump before taking it in… Is anyone willing to rent me a fuel pressure guage?

Free diagnosis? Don’t come to Rainbow Chrysler :wink:

I can’t say whether he does free diagnosis or not, but my dad deals with Franks and he has had nothing but good things to say about him.


take it to dwayne at Entire. If you decribed the symtoms of your car, he’d be able to tell you what to check. He rates are reasonable, but hes never charged me for advise.

Go to the tire guy for a problem engine diagnosis? I made an appointment at Frank’s.

Entire does everything mechanical, as does Northern Tire.

Dwayne at Entire rocks. So does Frank Ripoli, but why look down your snoot at a place simply because it has the word “tire” in the name?

Dwayne used to be a mechanic at Ford, did he not? Like, for years and years?

And while we’re talking about Repole’s, I’ve seen several dudes take their f-bodies into Yellowhead.

Hey, I was looking for 4 new tires for my car, checked pretty much every place in Rupert and Terrace for these specific ones. Dwayne was the best price, beat the next nearest by almost $200.

Yeah for sure, Man Sal and Pete at Yellowhead rock.
and yeah i dunno Dwayne has been with ford for like 16 years hes a mechanic and he knows whats sells… Everyone needs tires, Every make, every model I belive thats the best kinda shop exspecially if its ran good like Entire…

Dont go to N/T

Most shops won’t charge for an estemate as long as you have the work done there. Dwayne was also a mechanic at the local GM dealership. :open_mouth:

Yep, and he worked at one of the Tire places too.

just run it until its go no run left in it…

Had problems at Frank’s. I’ll go to Gordie Tuton anytime. He’s really good and honest. He’ll show you under your car, show you what is wrong and explain it to you. I’ve been to places that had the same problem after I paid hundereds and when I went back they had thrown the parts out. How you gonna prove a mistake now?? Tuton wont do that.

Yeah, Tuton rocks.


Dwayne at Entire rocks. So does Frank Ripoli, but why look down your snoot at a place simply because it has the word “tire” in the name?[/quote]

Would you take your car to KalTire if it wasn’t running properly? The big sign outside is a huge tire with ENTIRE printed on it, and all you can see in the windows are tires and wheels… Why would I take my car there to get the engine fixed? I just bought four new tires from Dwayne and was very impressed with his prices and service, except for the yucky amount of oil shit they got all over my rims that stained the finish… anyway, if it happens to any of you, just use some mag polish to take it out. Nothing else works. I’ll be returning next time I need tires.

Anyway, valve seals are completely done. I already knew this, but didn’t know that that small amount of oil could foul my plugs so badly. Anyway, instead of asking for the baddest, hottest burning plugs I could get, I said go ahead and change the seals… good thing it’s payday tomorrow, and so much for a new mountain bike.

Got a nice car donated 3 years ago. Straight to Lance of R&D, One hour labour got full assessment what gives. Then over a period of a week gave advise of simple things I could fix, came away with good comprehension and completed tasks. Great! He also advise life expectancy of things that were ok but would need replacement.
Respect that he sees me doing and wanting to do more but am W/ disability and fixed income. Most noble is this Lance. Of great pactience w/ me, too!
This same car taken off road by SuperCop (Port Ed Ted) for non functioning parking brake, no 30 day notice to fix. This was 3 Seafests ago. Want get it to pass inspection, then I can be more productive. It is to be used to help others, thinking of doing driving for meals on wheels.

Any help & suggestions, work will get payed, just not able to do that like poof, over time can be accomplished.
Have 2 socities in the throws of creation, look for other thread posting, is explained.
Namu Amida Butsu
(I bow in oness with the unlimited wisdom and compassion of all life)

Hard to see, car troubles is.