Measles in Prince Rupert?

There is a rumour about a child in daycare having measles. Anybody heard anything about it? Carnival is here where many people go and touch everything, pertussis outbreak on Haida Gwaii…

Link to the Northern Health Bulletin on the current Pertussis/Whooping Cough outbreak on Haida Gwaii/Prince Rupert (Released on Thurs. May 1, 2014): … tbreak.pdf

Another useful link to help identify the signs and symptoms of Pertussis. It includes videos of children/adults having coughing fits displaying the hallmark whooping cough, though this doesn’t always necessarily manifest in those infected.

Probably a good idea to alert a Public Health Nurse at the office (on 3rd ave), as well as your family Doc if you think you might want to be tested for Pertussis (which will require a swab).

Here’s a link to a CBC Daybreak North article about the current whooping cough outbreak: … ida-gwaii/

I see that the number of confirmed/suspected cases has more than doubled since the beginning of the month, and several cases have been confirmed in Prince Rupert this week alone.

To quote from the May 1 Northern Health Bulletin:

“Pertussis is a bacterial infection causing prolonged (up to three months) cough and can be fatal in infants under one year of age. Suspect pertussis in a patient who has a paroxysmal cough (coughing fits) of any duration, a cough with an inspiratory whoop, or cough ending in vomiting or gagging or associated with apnea (pause in breathing). Pertussis should also be suspected in patients with prolonged cough with no other known cause.”

Even those who are vaccinated can be carriers and suffer from milder symptoms. The vaccine is most effective in the first few years after it is given and then it has decreasing protection. It does not provide lifelong immunity, but booster shots are available.

Again, if you suspect you may have it, you can get tested (swabbed) at the ER department at the hospital (results take about a week). Treatment is in the form of antibiotics. The Public Health Unit is also a great place for information and guidance.