McCain aides let loose on Palin's 'Wasilla hillbillies'

“There were real problems with basic civics, government structures, municipal, state and federal government responsibilities. She didn’t know the nations involved in the North American free-trade agreement,” said Carl Cameron of Fox News, quoting unnamed Republican sources. “We’re told she wasn’t actually able to name all the countries in North America … and she didn’t understand, McCain aides told me today, that Africa was a continent and not a country.”

Ok, so they’re blaming Palin for the loss?  But um, didn’t McCain pick her?

Her ignorance when it came to certain things was definitely apparent - but I’m actually glad McCain picked her as a running mate.  She actually did help in getting record numbers to the polls - just because she did it by making a lot of people scared stiff of the possibility that she would be in office doesn’t mean she wasn’t effective.  :imp:

Part of me wants to say that it was a conspiracy, that the Republicans wanted to lose. But then another part of me looks at all the red states (just about everything not no the coasts) and thinks that maybe there’s something to be said for appealing to the least common denominator.

Ha ha ha!!!  Love it!