McBride Street to close on Saturday morning for rally

This Saturday, McBride street will be closed to traffic to make way for protest march from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm.

I heard on the news this morning that Jan Arden and Bif Naked are going to be in town for this rally today.

So… avoid using McBride. The road that divides the city in half. That’s going to piss off some people for sure. Probably mostly on the east side since they won’t be able to get downtown…

Nah ! Just go down by PJ’s and down past Atlin, up towards Safeway and to the Mall and there you are! The scenic route! No problem.

That might be working now… but for a while they basically had the city cut in two.

I’m at the rally now and I can really feel the strength in numbers. I’ve been leaning towards not supporting Enbridge and the passion I feel here solidifies this feeling. There is a lot of passion in our people and it’s hard to go against that.

If someone was travelling from Port Edward to the Airport, Ferries or the Hospital, would they have been able to get there?

Not without some fancy talking at the roadblocks. It was blocked from the highway at McDonalds to Mariners park and every access point in between.

Two pics from the start and behind of the rally

actually…yes you could have…turn right at mcdonalds, go up 11th avenue, turn onto fredrick street, then turn onto the street with henrys by on it, turn onto 6th, go down by bc packers and go down first avenue then you can go into town, i know thats how people got thru

Keep in mind - if it wasn’t for people rolling into town for the all native, the bribery with big names on the agenda, and the cool factor this crowd would have been much smaller.

It’s going to happen - money talks and it will again - we’l just never know the details.