Mayor Pond takes a pass on curfew option for teens

The curfew debate which popped up again this month thanks to a spate of downtown vandalism won’t find a champion in Mayor Herb Pond. The Mayor pointing to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, suggests that any curfew imposed in Prince Rupert most likely wouldn’t stand up to a challenge under the Charter provisions under the Equality rights section 15.1.

While he seems quite opposed to the curfew option, the Mayor didn’t exactly provide alternatives for those that are concerned about the downtown situation at night. Nor has the subject of returning the local detachment of the RCMP to full strength been explored to any great degree, it has been working below past staffing levels since the Skeena crisis days and the great exodus of Podunkians. Making the idea of actually enforcing any curfew option under current levels rather suspect to say the least…

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