Mayor Mussallem's icejam woes

The Northern View may have solved some of the mystery over the Mayors recent absences from City Council meetings over the last couple of months. Perhaps he was taking some time to check out the back forty…

In a story posted on their website on Wednesday the local paper reprises a story from the Smithers Interior News, which outlines some of the troubles that the Mayor has faced on his farming property in the Bulkley Valley…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 2623463557 )-

Well, it is good to have some insight into the Mayor’s priorities at a time of tax increases, budget reviews, questions about SunWave’s tax arrears, a $20 million write-down in the value of the City’s investment in City West, and such.

The councillors seem to have had some good discussion in his absence. There has even been some debate and the odd dissenting vote at the council table, thus reassuring us that democracy is alive and well at City Hall, notwithstanding that for every council meeting held under the glare of public scrutiny another meeting is usually held with the door bolted shut.

Are you suggesting that the lofty goal of transperency and accountability is not quite being met yet?

There is a bit of a shortfall. This council still has as many closed meetings as public meetings. Few councils meet as often behind closed doors as this one.