Mayo commercial

Apparently this commercial was pulled after some people complained that it was too gay.

I guess some people just don’t get jokes, especially if two guys kiss.

Well, it is pretty gay.  But who the f#ck cares?  Man, when will people realise that there’s a crap load of gay people out there who have families?

It’s not very gay at all.  It’s a joke – the wife turns into a New York Deli guy just because she uses the mayo.

I didn’t get that at all.  I watched it again, and I still don’t get that.

It is pretty gay. I get what they were going for but they failed miserably. They should have started out with the wife in the kitchen then made the change making the ‘joke’  more obvious.

Also the joke was not funny.

Ps. I’m not a homophobe (spell checker says that should be spelled homophone lol)  what you stick in your pooper is your business.  I prefer cheetos

Whew, glad I’m not the only one who didn’t think the joke was obvious.  And I prefer gerbils.

Just don’t let the cat get stuck.

I didn’t get that either.

Why gerbils?

Well God all almihti that dere is jus plain sic,two fellers kissen like that dere. Ma folks back home woud be some what fired up seein that. Kinna turnes me off good mayo. Was thunkin not many of them there folk aroun this county is dere.

Yes, the joke isn’t funny, because they didn’t set it up properly.

But the kids calling him mommy, his dialogue being that of a housewife, and the fact that he’s dressed like a deli guy – that’s the joke.

That’s why I said “I guess some people just don’t get jokes, especially if two guys kiss.”

And really, it’s not VERY gay, or PRETTY gay at all.  Two guys kissed, but other than that, it’s a housewife who turns into a deli guy because of the mayo she uses.

It’s not like he was in drag, or like a village people guy, or doing something else that was stereotypically gay.  He was making sandwiches, which New York Deli Guy does.

If you watch this commercial, is the message you receive that these are two gay dads? 

Maybe 'cause my husband does all the cooking in my house, I didn’t think it was supposed to be a woman.

I did 

Do your kids call your husband “mum”?

Actually, now that I think about it, my kid calls both of his parents “DAD!” especially when he’s yelling across a very quiet classroom.

Here’s the Guardian article about it:

[quote]Heinz has withdrawn its Deli Mayo TV ad that featured two men sharing a kiss and apologised to viewers after the advertising regulator received about 200 complaints that it was offensive and inappropriate.

The Heinz Deli Mayo ad has been pulled after less than a week on air after viewers complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that it was “offensive” and “inappropriate to see two men kissing”.

Other complaints include that the ad was “unsuitable to be seen by children” and that it raised the difficult problem of parents having to discuss the issue of same-sex relationships with younger viewers.

“It is our policy to listen to consumers. We recognise that some consumers raised concerns over the content of the ad and this prompted our decision to withdraw it,” said Nigel Dickie, director of corporate affairs for Heinz UK.

Dickie added that the campaign for the new Heinz Deli Mayo product, which was due to run for five weeks, was meant to be humorous and that the company apologised to anyone who felt offended.

The TV ad is the first by Heinz’s new ad agency AMV BBDO since it won the £10m-a-year UK business last year.

AMV BBDO said that the concept behind the campaign is that the product tastes so good, “It’s as if you have your own New York deli man in your kitchen.”

Heinz’s ad opens with a family on a normal morning routine with a young boy and girl getting ready for school and their father preparing for the office.

The young boy and girl go to the kitchen to get their sandwiches, which are being prepared by a man with a New York accent, dressed in a deli serving outfit, who they refer to as “mum”.

When their father goes to get his sandwich he says to mum in the kitchen: “See you tonight love.”

However, mum barks back “Hey, ain’t you forgetting something?”, at which point the two men share a kiss. Mum then sends the father off with the words: “Love you. Straight home from work, sweet cheeks.”

The Heinz TV ad carried an “ex-kids” restriction, meaning it cannot be shown in or around children’s programming, because Heinz Deli Mayo falls foul of Ofcom’s TV ad restrictions relating to products that are high in fat, salt and sugar.

The ASA has not yet decided whether to investigate the complaints about the Heinz ad.

Heinz said it made the decision to stop airing the ad on Friday.[/quote]

Funny that it couldn’t be shown near kids’ programming because it was a Mayo ad, which is high in fat, salt and sugar.

I think another thing that would make more people “get the joke” is the fact that he has a New York accent.  The commercial was shown in the UK, so the different accent would be another hint that mom’s been replaced by a Deli Guy.

In a lot of gay family cases, one parent would be the “mother” and the other would be the “father”.

Ah you just didn’t get the joke, it’s ok. 

I think that’s more likely, rather than the kids thought that this guy with a strange accent dressed like a deli guy in fact was a gay dad that they actually called “mum”.

It’s ok not to get the joke, no need to try and explain why you didn’t get it.

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I agree with jesus, the concept would have been better explained if
they had metamorphosed from mum to deli guy.
I didn’t find it offensive, didn’t find it very funny either.