May25th- Freshly Poisoned Waterfront in Prince Rupert

Everyone who walks the waterfront, either by themselves or with their children or dogs should be aware that CN has had weed poison treatments done all along the tracks.
I am not sure what protocol they need to follow but it seems rather suprising to me that they are allowed to spray this type of weed killer so close to the ocean when we are told not to pour anything even slightly questionable down the drains that run into the harbor.
Different rules for different people I suppose?
Please be careful not to allow pets run around there as they will likely be licking their paws at some point soon after.
As for young kids, I would question the idea of going near there with them, at least for awhile.
What confusses me is the old fence with the signage down there. It relates to the project that they are conducting to test for contaminants. They have been there for maybe over 15 years and I have never heard what they discovered in these tests if anything, yet they regularly and liberally use defoliant and creosote there with complete immunity from any form of governing arm of either the provincial or federal environmental departments as far as I know.
Again, different rules for different folks.
Hmmmm… ?

I guess it would depend on the Chemicals used, there are some Pet and Enviro friendly weed killers out there. Request MSDS sheets on the product used they have to supply them, even to the public.

Isn’t that entire area technically CN’s private property? I get that we’re worried about proximity with the ocean, but aside from that can’t they do whatever they want to their own land? I could be way off base, of course.

You worry about what they spray on the grass…what about what we flush into our ocean everyday ?

… also, ask to view CN’s Pest Management Plan and notice of pesticide use. They should be made available to the public where spraying is taking place … probably at the local office. Those documents should give all pertinent details. Only minor spraying (<20 ha if I recall) is exempt, eg use of weed killer, pesticides etc that some home owners are so fond of.

Well, see the list of pesticide they used and add rails soaked in creosote and ask the city if you can put that on your land next to the ocean. My guess is that you would be told if you did you would be fined and or arrested.
Yes it is their land,we ( the people of Canada) gave it to them to develop the national rail system but my point is that we are not allowed to do the same thing legally. Why are they?


CN area at the waterfront is private property  use at your own risk