May Election


Heh heh heh…


Herb Pond has already broken the law by placing election signs along Highway 16 before the election was called. It clearly states in the BC Election Act that signs are only allowed to be placed along provincial highways after an election is called.


So you’re saying that he fits right in with the the Liberals, then?


Yes, what more could you expect?


Gordan Campbell’s former chief of staff likes Horgan’s platform.


She could have worded this in a much more diplomatic way.


Jennifer rice Can’t Understand Normal Thinking …I’m not voting for her .I don’t like Pond either but I’d rather vote for someone with a business mind .


wasn’t it MsRice that said we needed to respect the local natives when it came to Lelu Island LNG, and what did she do when Met and Lax said yes to it? can’t quite remember the proper statement she signed, but this is the gest of it,she signed a statement that said it was a terrible place and would harm the environment with natives that were from the southern part of the province, she didn’t even tell Lax or Met. councils about it, talk about lack of respect on her part.


Lets face it both parties are :poop: ,it’s up to us to choose the least smelly :poop:.


The NDP have promised to give Natives a veto over everything. I am not surprised the media has decided not to report on that. I am not voting for the Liberals, rather I am voting to prevent the NDP from getting in.


You posted the same comment 14 days ago, and you haven’t provided a source since then.


Where did you hear or read that?


ahhhhhhhh election time when shit is in the air and all parties try to bribe us with our money


This article may pose some answers to the conclusion of veto.


I was looking for that article but couldn’t remember where I saw it, thanks for finding and posting it.


So the NDP leader saying “we’re not giving anybody a veto” is somehow proof that they are giving someone a veto?


Right! The Liberals are business minded. You mean like shipping raw logs out of BC without processing them? Workers in BC should be processing the logs; this would create more jobs here. The NDP wants to create more jobs in the forestry sector.


You’re supposed to expect something from a sacrifice.
Feels more like outright murder in my parts.
Pub closed the beer store. Can’t even make money with a beer store these days.
2 mills left sputtering.
Mine happened and we got a parking lot where workers catch the bus instead of the touted 200 homes.
Can’t get a pizza after 7, or on a Sunday or holiday.
Sank $60K in home improvements last year, assessor came and upped our BC Assessment by $8K.
Friend’s diner for sale for over 15 years now, not even lookie-loos. No one filling in as business people retire, no phone ppl, no gas ppl, no Hydro ppl, satellite guy trying to retire, 1 of 7 gift shops left. 1 Motel left in town.
School my kids went to closed. Only 1 left.
Saw the obvious concerted effort to close the LCB that failed. Silence when Feds hinted at closing Post Office.
Running low on meds, six week wait for doctor’s apt to renew it, thank God for small town Pharmacist who’s still hanging in there.
$150 for MSP, $50 more ICBC, $20 more gas, $20 more Hydro since I retired.

Yep, current Liberal MLA is really business friendly. A horde of drunk monkeys could’ve done more for Northern BC.


Lol, Business Mind. He’s the guy who raised taxes by record levels, remember? And thought it was a good idea for a broke city to buy a cable company. Literally the opposite of a “business mind.”


Clark will say anything to get elected. Her epic fail from 2013. Where’s the money?