May Election


I wouldn’t count on the Liberals being down and out quite yet, especially if the Liberals do have a new leader probably by late Fall. This truce between the Green’s and the NDP may not last either not with those 2 leaders butting heads. Won’t be long before we see memes with their faces on them.


My goodness Grant. She didn’t step down today. Maybe later but not today. She plans to seek the confidence of the legislature which she likely won’t get. We will see what she does after the government fails but once again your time specific prediction is wrong.


I believe that she will step down in the foreseeable future. I also don’t think she has the full support of her caucus.


Grant_G, where’s the other 6 seats your crystal ball said the NDP will get?


said i was looking forward to Clark stepping down…not that she was…3 weeks from now is still ok by me…Adios cluck cluck Clark


Your post says today not 3 weeks from now.


Not that it matters all that much Grant but this is what you said

Easy mistake to make: the cursed misplaced modifier

I am looking forward to Christy Clark stepping down TODAY
is not the same as
TODAY I am looking forward to Christy Clark stepping down

Anyway, I am looking forward as well.


Tired of having a cheerleader for Premier, rather have some results. Put on a short skirt and try out for the Lions, Christy.


They’re season starts right when your’s ends…


I doubt you will see anything positive in your little community, but we shall see. In fact the only region I think that will truly see something happen is the centre of BC’s universe Vancouver. On a side note, I 100% agree that Clark needs to go.



BC’s hottest political talk…Canadian Glen and Grant G…BC segment starts about the 37 minute mark…

Cheers Ears Wide Open


ok according to newspapers and pundits the liberal MLA’s are not going to put their name into the hat for Speaker of the House, they think the NDP might let one of their MLA’s be speaker of the house, but they also say on the first tie vote, the throne speech, the NDP Speaker would break from convention and vote with the opposition to take down the Liberal government, instead of voting with the government to maintain the status quo as the convention requires


Following a convention is never required. Individuals, families, communities, organizations, governments etc. break from convention when necessary

"But if it ends up being an NDP or Green speaker, under parliamentary convention they would vote to continue debate and maintain the status quo — which means they would vote to keep the government in power…

However, that’s only convention.

"It is not a matter of law. It is a political rule that can’t be enforced by the courts…

There’s nothing stopping an NDP speaker from voting in favour of a Liberal non-confidence motion when the house reconvenes."


So what’s the gripe? That the GreeNDP might break with convention or that Christy intends to play petty games?


Talking about petty games. Why didn’t the GreeNDP form a coalition? Wouldn’t they be in power today if they did?

They are both playing a chess game and we are all ponds. As Grant wood say “eyes wide open”.

I am with Dale, where is Btraven for his insight?


The NDP/Greens have the right to support each other. Clark could easily have resigned when the NDP/Green alliance was announced. Clark knows she’ll be defeated in a non-confidence vote. Clark is putting her needs ahead of the province.


Why would they? What would they have to gain by that?

By supporting Horgan they’ll get some of their policy advanced. By supporting the Liberals they’d get none.
Why do so many people insist that ramming 100% of party ideology up everyone’s ass = the only good government?
That’s like seriously complaining you “only” won $10,000.00 on the 6/49…


you are right but at the same time if the speaker does vote to bring down the government the speaker now politicized the position, and going by that logic the Lt. Governor by convention should give the next party with the highest MLA’s the chance to form government, but if the Speaker is politicized then the Lt Governor can also buck convention and call an election. for there is nothing in the rules that states the other parties get to attempt to form government.


why resign she has not been defeated at the polls, any government that gives up power without being defeated in the polls or in the legislature would be nuts, even if the know they will be defeated in a non confidence vote, let it occur then hand over the reigns to power, that is how a parliamentary system works