May Election


This puts Mr Horgan in a bit of a pickle.


The Liberals admit that they’re full of crap. The Liberals refuse to apologize for fabricating stories. Liars.


That’s disappointing Grant. Your analysis of LNG is very thorough but if your genius as a prognosticator is to be believed, the quoting of one poll is pretty flimsy. Even if it turns out to be correct, you can’t take much credit for the prediction.

I don’t plan to predict anything. But I found this article interesting.

We always blame the Greens for stealing votes from the NDP. I have often wondered about that analysis. This time around, the Green support seems to have increased. Why? Why would people leave the NDP to support the Greens? On the other hand why wouldn’t soft Liberals support the Greens this time around.

There are lots of reasons to be angry at the sitting government. If you are tired of them, Andrew Weaver isn’t the stereotypical tree hugging radical environmentalist that would scare off the soft Liberal supporter who could never vote NDP.

Weaver, remember, won his riding from Liberal cabinet minister Ida Chong.

Anyway, from my perspective, this election is unpredictable and to suggest otherwise (eg 47 seats to the NDP) is foolish.


Agreed. It might be the case that the Liberals won’t have a majority on May 9th. I have no idea what will happen.


Mainstreets poll out this morning, NDP is leading, but Liberals are gaining ground with Undecided votes since Mainstreets last poll.

NDP = 35% (-1%)
Liberals = 31% (+4%)
Greens = 17% (+1%)
Undecided = 18% (-3%)

The Liberals have made huge grains outside of Vancouver/Vancouver Island, the NDP are getting back support on Vancouver Island from the Greens.

NDP = 41% (even)
Liberals = 29% (+2%)
Greens = 14% (+3%)

NDP = 36% (+6%)
Greens = 26% (-2%)
Liberals = 24% (+1%)

Liberals = 38% (+8%)
NDP = 25% (-5%)
Greens = 16% (+1%)


Here’s another poll…

The most telling line from the Mainstreet poll is this, and I quote…

The backdrop to all this is voters still don’t like Christy Clark"

After all the BC Liberal ads…BC Guv partisan ads…Voters and the general public STILL DO NOT LIKE CHEERLEADER GIRL CHRISTY CLARK…

I stand by my assertions…

Oh, and don’t forget to tune in at 6:00 pm (pst) for a political takedown featuring Bill Tieleman…Bob Mackin…Canadian Glen and Grant G…(The Straight Goods)

Tune in, turn on…We is about to get this party started…


Horgan is in conflict with the United Steel Worker’s Union his biggest donor.


Oh Gracies_Mom…you really need to to ignore BC Liberal attack ads…information is false…read, learn…

Don’t repeat Christy Clark’s lies…that’s why the public hates Christy…she lies her face off…



Is that the best you can do ?? What part of my link is tied to the Liberals?

Maybe you should pay more attention to news releases.



Kinder Morgan is on life support…they have money issues…they’re second guessing even proceeding with the project…Eyes Wide Open


You’re so full of it, just admit it. Fake, fake, fake is your comment.




More vote tracking…Cheers


Polls don’t mean anything as proven by past elections. As for your links they are old, and opinion pieces.


Poll tracker was updated May 3rd/2017(today)…other articles are from 2017…

@Gracies_mom…You need to relax, stay calm…Seems you want a pissing contest, I’ve been nothing but civil with you…Don’t shoot the messenger…Believe what you want…

Life will go on, even if the NDP win life will go on…Cheers


Agreed. This is why I am feeling very uncertain about the outcome on Tuesday. Clark seems on the surface to be less popular this election cycle. We will see. It may mean a minority government.


It should be interesting. Clark is not a my favorite, I believe the Liberal’s could use a new leader. I am curious now that Steel Workers Union has come out in support of the Kinder Morgan project how that will effect Mr Horgan and will he flip/flop his opinion on the expansion and anger his supporters.


She was very unpopular last time as well, so unpopular that she lost her own original seat…she is just another MLA, 1 vote in the legislature. I don’t have to like Christy Clark to vote Liberal…I have to like my local MLA candidate and base my vote on that and how I see BC fairing under the current government on issues that are most important to me personally and have a direct economcl/financial impact (positive or negative).

I like Herb Pond personally…he has taken the time to speak with me and has worked hard for this city in the past. He has paid his dues here and would be a much stronger voice in Victoria.

Rice has no voice, is not taken seriously at all and has put forth very little in support of economic growth in this region.


I vote as well for who will be the best representative for our riding not for who will be Premier.