Maverick Mart

Was just wondering if anyone heard anything regarding the episode at maverick mart the other night supposably some guy went a little crazy and threw out his couch and microwave out the window drove by and the apt is all boarded up above the store

yep I live right across the street…funny shit

Yep, well, if it happened, so what???  Providing I would hope no one was assaulted by the flying couch or microwave?? then there is a nice, free, soggy couch and broken mike out there waiting to be picked up and given a new home… Everyone, into their pick-ups now, first on the scene gets dibs!@@!!@  Who cares, stuff like this happens all the time, if you hear about a computer flying out an apartment window, that would be me…It is messing up big time, freezing and crashing…HELP!!@@!  :evil:

Buy a mac then :smiley:

Codybear5 do you maybe have to much stuff on that thing? Maybe a good cleaning may help in the longrun. I know where you may find spare part and then we can download some Christian Rap. Don’t you go throwing that tower out your window now , I maybe next door and that would suck.

My daughter’s XP Pro box recently started to act a bit weird, the Windows install is several years old.  So I installed Ubuntu 6.10 Linux on it, set-up a dual boot with Windows XP.  My daughter is happy with the arrangement, she hardly boots into windows anymore, Linux is rock solid, stable.  Ubuntu will set-up a dual boot simply and painlessly for you. 
This is just a suggestion. :smiley:  You can download Ubuntu for free, btw:-)

I’ve had a way easier time with Ubuntu than with the 64 bit Vista Basic edition. What a P.O.S., every single thing has been a major roadblock.
Took 3 1/2 hours to get the right driver installed to run a Canon 4200, the driver should have been right on the OS!
Ubuntu saw my Samsung driver CD and more or less said, ahhhh close enuff for the girls we go with… and ran it perfectly.

I love how the microwave with wings simultaneously turned into a Linux box :smiley:

Yep, Linux is everywhere, heh-heh :smiley:

Couple guys I know moved out of their apt here and left for back East. They gave me a bunch of furniture and stuff to bring to my daughter in PG, and I bought back a couple futons I’d sold them a year before.
The building had been sold, and when another friend tried to get the suite the new landlord told him changing the name on the papers entitled him to change the rent. $200 more.
He was promptly told he could eat shit, so the landlord made a point of hanging around and saying loudly to everyone there how the suite had better be emptied by midnight ‘or else’ he’d have the shit tossed out in the rain.
Well he was telling that to a couple 22 yr old anarchists leaving town for a road trip. They wanted to be in PG before dark, so they loaded their snowboards, iPods and backpacks into the car, and as soon as the miserable bastard went to buy lunch, they pitched everything unsold in the apt off the 3rd floor balcony into the garden below, annointed it and blew town.
I drove by around 4 pm and there was the cursing landlord, waist deep in snow trying to disassemble a heap of wet, frozen together chesterfields, bedframes, garbage cans and pissed on blankets and newspaper.
:smiley: :smiley: