Math Symbols

I am helping an adult student upgrade in Math 10.  Her job is in an isolated area so we communicate through email. 

I cannot find the symbol for square root and it is really annoying having to type for example:  “the square root of 48” = “the square root of 16” x “the square root of 3” = “four square root 3.” 

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

hold ‘alt’ key down, type 251, release ‘alt’ key  it should look like this √

Option V for Mac.

In Word 2003 press Insert.  Its in the drop down symbols box  (about half way)

Thanks for all this.  The person is returning home so it won’t be the problem.

Rather than use a square root symbol I find it easier to use the power of notation:  9^(1/2) = 3  It lends itself easily to doing cubic roots and so on for example 27^(1/3) = 3.