Mat and Framing

Who in town does matting and framing now? Is Shutter Shack the only place? I need to get something framed and thought I would check and see if they are the only show in town now.

Two places I think.

Pauls Picture Framing and Canada Frames. I’ve heard about them but never looked them up.

I’ve used Paul’s framing for years, very happy with his work.

Thanks for the reccomendation. I’ve never heard of this business. Home based I’m guessing?

Yes home based on 8th east, just down from the corner of Fredrick and 8th east. If heading towards seal cove school area he will be on on your right hand side, can’t remember if he has a sign out or not. I find him very reasonablity priced, compared to what some of my friends have paid for their framing.

didn’t he sell his business a couple years ago to someone who used to work at Rona or am I confused??