Come one come all….
We shall hold a grand masked ball
and dance toward the totality of the midnight hour.

The NorthCoast Artists Cooperative, of the Ice House Gallery (Atlin Terminal) is hosting a Masquerade Ball. This elegant event is to be held on February 2nd in the Ceremonial Space at the Museum of British Columbia. Mark this date on your calendar! Tickets cost $25 and are for sale at the Atlin Terminal Ice House Gallery. (next to the Salty Crab).

This stylish event will include Fine Company, Door Prizes, Dessert Auction, Delectable Hors D’oeuvres, Cash Bar, Prizes for Best Dressed and Showcase some spectacular local talent, with live music and local art.

Live Music provided by local artists:
            “Lil Kiki and the Wolfâ€

Oooh, that sounds cool!  I hope it’s an annual thing, 'cause I’d love to go next year!

Welcome to HTMF, Midnight! :smiley:

This event is such a wicked idea - I hope lots of people go all out on costumes and there’s lots of attendees - not just the old, ugly, loser kind either.  JK - it’s all what you make it and the attitude you show up with, plus the ugly people will all be wearing masks…

Oh that kind of masquerade. Sounds like a lot more fun than a bunch of geeks talking about iptables… :smiley:

Is there a projected start / stop time?

Oh yeah that sounds like a good time, but what can I wear is the big question now.

Times… doors open 7:30. 
5 hours continuous music from three different bands. 
No tickets at the door - so get your tickets early!!

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Are people really going to dress up in expensive and elaborate costumes?

ebay my friend you can find some awsome masquerade custumes there, for men and woman… :smiley:

Are people really going to dress up in expensive and elaborate costumes? [/quote]

Paper mache masks are fun!

TIP: Oil your eyebrows (or other facial hair you wish to keep) before applying paper mache to your face - otherwise when the mache dries and you peel it off you will lose them. (voice of experience - youch!!)

I once made a really funky sun mask - took an evening.

At the IceHouse Gallery they are making amazing masques with nothing more complicated than a glue gun and some box-board.  a few feathers, some sparkles, and ribbon…

also an update:
I have some info about music and times etc that i’d like you to pass along to anyone who you know who is thinking about comming out!!

Doors Open at 7:30!!!

Nothing is written in stone, but we have 3 bands : Lil’ Kiki & the Wolf (Karen Young), the Ditto Sisters, and Nonsuch (Jack Sigurdson, Charles Justice & Peggy Carl).

the plan is to have 3 separate sound set-ups at the front of the dance floor so the bands can change with a minimum of fuss.

As far as I know, there is to be continuous music from 7:30 or 8 o’clock on until 1 or 2 ………so 5 hours or more. .We’ll probably play it by ear…………what the crowd seems to want & how much each band wants to play.

No tickets at the door… .so you’ll have to get them ahead of time!!!