Banned in Australia, this game is pretty neat and I’ve only killed 2 people thus far!

The cut scenes when you kill a guy with a plastic bag is so neat! I can half-understand why the game was banned.

haven’t played manhunt, but iv played most of the GTA games, always found them entertaining, i dunno bout waht effects they have on people really, personally i don’t think they’re harmfull, but thats just me. i guess i can see how they could be detrimental though.

In a year there will be some old lady with a stick up her ass about how games are to violent and what not. I mean who cares. Just dont let you kid play them dont take a whole a country down with them.

because australia is full of white flag wavers like the french.

i quit cs cold turkey after getting really high while playing and thinking about what i was reenacting. sure its fun to frag friends and dance and jump nonstop, but it got a little intense once, and id really rather spend my time in other ways.

maybe im a big pussy or something ?

Actually, the Aussies are right there with the US in Iraq. They’re looking for wankers of mass duplicitousness.