Man overboard?

Has anyone heard who went overboard last night?  I just heard on the news a fisherman putting out pots went over…

any idea what name of the boat was? crabber im guessing?

They are not releasing the name of the boat or person on the news yet.

It was a crab Viet boat , the one overboard was Viet and has just been here a month , he is from Vancouver.

Thanks for the update.

Found a blurb on the Province website and posted it to the blog… … 8334471497

Interesting how we had the US Coast Guard assisting on this one. It kind of brings home the story last week in the Daily about the idea of taking the Sikorsky and removing its ability to lift in these kind of situations. Maybe somebody will hear of this apparent tragedy and maybe have some second thoughts on that dumb idea.

canadian coast guard has always been useless chicken shit wimps. you dont believe me ask some of the many guys in the drag industry that have had the canadian coast guard refuse to help them when they are in trouble, “sixty footers, its too fuking dangerous…they are gonners anyways” they said. the american coast guard in sitka heard that and instantly headed out, they were on site in an hour and saved four friends of mine,  guys who would have died if left to our coast guard.

canadian coast guard has always been useless chicken shit wimps. [/quote]

You make it sound like it’s a personal decision. That they are too cowardly to go out. Perhaps the answer better lies in the fact that our Government has stripped our Coast Guard down to a bare minimum. (They are still after all these years trying to strip away our last SAR capabilities in Rupert) It’s not a big leap to think that the US Coast Guard is probably better funded, trained and equipped then our Coast Guard is.

The US Coast Guard was probably in the area, and were either tasked, or opted in to help out.  It’s not like they were sitting in Alaska, and decided they better go help out because the Canadian Coast Guard wasn’t going to.

Might be time for us to have Nathan Cullen to once again reinforce to the feds that marine rescue capabilities might be a helfpful thing for an ocean port. More resources not less seems like a sensible idea.  We could always call the mayor of Houston too I guess, I hear she likes to keep up to date on current events…

You could leave her a message on her machine … she’s not answering her phone anymore, especially since the Conservatives hung her and her sponsor, Dick Harris, out to dry.

i have a relative that was out and about on a boat when this incident took place…
and they heard some of the communications and to me it sure as hell doesn’t sound like Cdn Coast Guard sat around w/their thumbs up their arses…they do what they are taught to do … and from what i hear there were about 9 coast guard boats a helicopter and an aircraft there searching sooooooooooo
ya the americans might have been there (any mariner would help another i’d like to think-maybe legally they have to assist) but so were about 7 canadian coast guard boats…so until you’ve seen it first hand or listened to the radio i’d basically tell you to get bent cuz i have many relatives that are out on the sea for a living and some of them are draggers and they wholeheartedly disagree with some of the b.s. on here…its sad that so many would slog such a vital resource that is taken very seriously

(incidentally: all comms with coast guard can be heard on a vhf on channel 16 and they do mention their other frequencies and you can listen, they aren’t blocked out or anything like the rcmp)

Another case of someone not reading and htmf thread correctly.  :angry:
What do you mean by so many?  There is only one post in this thread (ChrisJ) that badmouths the Coast Guard.  All the other posts seem to disagree with his take.  The last time I checked, one is not synonym with “many”!

ok so i guess the real point of this thread is my inability to use singular and plurals when deemed appropriate…??? i apologize for my apparent ignorance…

fine you’ve chastised me for my inaccuracy i apologize…
anyways…long story short its disappointing that ONE would bad mouth the coast guard like that…i guess i can’t assume his four friends concur with his decision to bad mouth the apparent disregard of the canadian coast guard to come to their aid and had to rely on the US Coast Guard

I realize this is an open forum but should we not be saddened that yet another person has been lost at sea and stop our condemnation of every other single aspect of the search. I am sure that both our Coast Guard and the US Coast Guard did their utmost to assist on this tragic scene. Let’s show a little appreciation for both…

US Coast Guard is the first line of defence in the us and alot of money is spent on it, it is too bad that canada does not feel the same, dont blame the  canada coast guard,  blame the  politicans and buricrats  in Ottawa.

ChrisJ is either an idiot or a liar. If the US Coast Guard out of Sitka AK was on scene to rescue his friends within an hour there are two possibilities:

  1. The US Coast Guard sent a ship that arrived within an hour therefore they were within about 30 miles of Sitka which is 250 miles from here. In that case why the hell would the Canadian Coast Guard go way the hell up there? It would take forever and it’s right in the americans backyard.

2.The US Coast Guard sent a rescue helicopter with rescue swimmers. The Canadian Coast Guard helicopter in prince rupert does not carry rescue swimmers. The Search and Rescue helicopter operations in Canada are handled by the Canadian Navy. That is based in Comox.

The men and women of the Canadian Coast Guard is doing the best they can while their resources and funding shrink by the day. If the public wants to have full SAR Aircraft Operations based out of Prince Rupert either the Navy needs to set up shop here with a Cormorant rescue helicopter. Or the Coast Guard needs a MASSIVE injection of badly needed funding to rebuild its crumbling infrastructure and then maybe they can look at adding Air SAR to their already extensive mandate.

I don’t think the Governor General hands out the Cross of Valour to “Chickenshit Wimps” as you put it. Get a life chrisJ!

getting of topic…
what boat was it?..who was it?

it was one of the those floating boats that float on water (OCEAN)I do believe it was a crab boat run by vietnamese fisherman I could be wrong about that; but not about the floating boat that floats on water (OCEAN). No names until next of kin is notified.

why bother even posting anything dikwad?  i got that from the snooze
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