Mall is getting a makeover!

It was in the paper last week that the mall was sold and the new company, will be fixing it up new ceilings floors ect.

Aslo exspect all the empty spaces to be gone with new store  this fall.

Its about time that placee was terrible so out dated!

And maybe we’ll be allowed to eat in the “common areas”! :unamused:

are they planning on ‘cleaning up’ the customer base that hangs out side of that grocery store? 

The last people who tried that ended up getting convicted in Provincial Court.

what people hang out there?

You could polish a turd but that won’t change what it is.

ended up in provincial court?  for what?  please to tell the story as I must have missed it

Glad to hear the mall is getting a make over…
It is awful…  esp the down stairs… 
Too bad no new mall coming, as I hate the Rupert Square!
Hopefully the reno will bring it out of the 70s… 

The biggest make over the mall needs is actual stores.
It’s sad people have to go out of town to get better deals
and more selection of merchandise.

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It would be nice to see it updated!

are you implying i’m a racist for saying the people who hang outside of the grocery store badgering everybody are a bunch of trash?  once again a small person tossing around a big word.  and if you are one of those fucken losers out there, why don’t you get off welfare and go get a job…now i should run i’ve got a meeting to attend

I’m implying that you’re actually a pretty good Internet troll, and your e-peen is huge.


+1 thumbs up for the first instance of “e-peen” on HTMF.

Yeah I think Eso deserves a +1 karma for that one.

Agreed.  That was classic. :smiley:

i wasn’t talking to eso, i was talking to sockpuppet

I was never badgered by anyone hanging around outside Extra Foods.  Maybe you should take some anger management classes and take that huge stick out of your butt?

Also, Nerdrage.

Well there has been some action go down there in the years but much happened when they had a different security team, they have been dealt with I believe.