Making dvd copies

Im trying to make copies of my dvds, which have a protection.

what programs can i use to make copies?

dvd shrink 3.2

awesome, great success :laughing:

Dvd shrink is great for older movies, but since its been unsupported for over 3 years now, it doesn’t bypass protection for newer dvds.

For backing up those newer movies with copy protection, I highly recommend DVDFab Platinum 4.

Druggernaut has stolen the words right from my mouth,

just at the moment I’d actually feel I was smart hahaha

I’ve had great success with anydvd to remove encryption and regions stuff from the dvd’s and burn them with clone dvd, all available on any torrent site.

yeah i’ve been told but so far dvd shrink did well with superbad, crank and transformers the only 3 i have burnt so far though.