Make sure to vote!

Everyone needs to make sure they vote tomorrow.  Call up your friends and make sure they’ve made it to the polls.  The more people that vote, the more representative our city government will be. :smile:

I’m heading out to vote.  See you there:-)

Just voted - Crazy busy down at the Civic Center - Difficult to find parking!

I’ve always wondered about holding the election on the same day as the craft fair, while it makes for a good lure to enhance the voting turn out, I wonder how many people just don’t bother because they can’t find a parking spot and don’t bother to go back later?

I wonder if they have ever given some thought to having a second polling location away from the civic centre on election day.

Then again I guess if it was really a concern there is always the advance polling system to take advantage of.   

Yep.  Parking lot is full.  I walked down, it is a nice day for a stroll. :smile:

I think it’s bull how people that were working at the polling station and people that had tables at the craft fair, were parking in the Civic lot for the entire day.  The PAC parking lot had a few cars in it, but really… I think it would be better if people that were going to be there all day, would park up the hill, and let the voters park down below.  I think that might make the voter turn-out a LITTLE bit better. 

That… and have a shuttle going from certain places like Tim Hortons, the Rupert Square and Chances to take people to vote.  There’s too many lazy people in town that won’t even think about voting because they won’t get off their butts.

I agree and
maybe the mobile voting unit should be open to the lazy people who wont get off their butts

Is it that or are they holding the craft fair the same day as the election?.  Maybe all those knitting grannies have more business savvy then we give them credit for.