Major Lotto Winner

Last night a major winning ticket was validated at the Park Ave. Corner Store. The Set for Life Prize was $1,000 per week for 25 yrs (1.3 million) or a lump sum payment of over $600,000. Awesome for a small town like Prince Rupert. More details to follow as they become available.

…well, this should help Rupert’s economy…somewhat!  :wink:

or the bottom line of a moving van company :imp:

was just on bclc and looked at the scrath and win winners and the closest thing was a winner yesterda:  FEB 25,2010 CONNIE CRAWFORD ALDERGROVE $2 BONUS BINGO XI $10,000.00      there has been nothing about a winner in rupert yet, but I’ll be checking later :smile:

Please Sindicat do check as soon as possible.  All her/his friends are anxiously waiting with ‘open hands’  :wink: still has NOTHING up on a winner of ‘set for life’ tickets so,either haveing the lotto max took them an over-welming long break on the updates or it is another rupert rumor! lol.      hope someone did win it as that would be pretty wicked :stuck_out_tongue:

I spoke with a Clerk at Park Ave. Store and confirmed that there was a winner of ‘set of life’ there …

Would think not made public until the prize is actually claimed and confirmed by BCLC.  I can confirm that it was not me! 

Crazy crazy, who knowes, Sure was not me either! hahaha

I wish it was me!!

I just got the prize payout for the lotto max apparently the 50 million was one in Que and BC! 

Maxwell, any idea where in BC the ticket was purchased? A good friend of mine picked one up between PG and PR this week. :smile: It would be nice to have another winner from here.

I think I saw in TV that the winner was bought in Surrey.

No  good luck to whom ever is the lucky ticket holder!

Rumour alert: It was a dishwasher at a local restaurant. :stuck_out_tongue: Congratulations.