Mail Server Crashed

Thought I’d have a few days to recoop, but I went to work Tues to find my Quad Xeon mailserver bagged. 4 SCSI drives, the ‘spare’ was NFG and the whole /var gone… not sure if it’s dead drive or dead controller, but knowing only there’s no way to get parts/reconfig before the mills open (serves 3 mills and 3 other co’s) I am hooped.
So I managed to setup a fedora machine with sendmail and postfix and just installed webmin, but I’ve never actually set up my own mail server:

the virtualhost file has the etc in it,
the iptables allow access to ports 25,80,110,443, and 10000
the hosts.allow is set to ALL:ALL

If you ping the the DNS server (a different box)sends you to the correct IP for the new machine.

So now I need to setup user mail accounts, and all I remember is something about hashing virtusertable and restarting the mail service after manually adding every user on our old box…
Kind of lost as to the next steps, and if there’s a program that lets you add users to the mail domains thru the webmin interface? THen the mill techies can do their own user reinstalls.
What do I need to do to send and recieve mail and add users?

Not so subtle hint: I’d like to do this mail thing in a hurry (like tomorrow) and all my regular techs are tied, and I’m bagged. Someone could earn some dough from Max Internet if they wanted to take it on…

you could pm me tomorrow : O )