Made in Germany

Haha there’s a shamwow clone at seafest!  Shameeeee!  Also made in Germany.

No Vince Shlomi though – :imp: but PCS could have its sponsorship. :imp:

Just look how well it works.

Still… “look at all the squares!”

If it’s so great, why is there a big package of paper towels next to the table?

Also what’s with Germany and its surplus of somewhat absorbent orange cloth?

It’s not just orange, it’s blue and purple too!!! :unamused:

It’s sham-e-rific

the shamwow sucks

it wasn’t convincing at all

This remix of an infomercial actually sold me on the item.

Two things I have learned from that video Eso:

1). Vince Shlomi is a rap king.

2). People must really be committed to their knives to ignore such a wonderful product.

My favorite part of that infomercial is the sparkle effect they put in. On a strawberry of all things…lol

I can’t believe they didn’t milk the “you’re gonna love my nuts” line more, though.

Gee, uh, maybe to compare?