Macro Shot's Post EM!

Heavily cropped but here it is, a bug. 

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

hey right on, thanks man. too bad i didnt know that before i took those photos, the effect with the sun hitting one side of that stump made it steam like that, was cool. feel free to  give me any other tips you think i could use, i am just getting into photography, i love it. great way to appreciate the nature all around that i have taken for granted for the most part, the youth is wasted on the young. very relaxing hobby, i love just wandering through the trails admiring the different types of plants, flowers and trees. there is an incredible amount of  diversity we have here, we are so fortunate to have it right in our neighborhoods.

mine from rushbrook floats tonight :smiley:

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I like that good job.

Thanks Jason… Its fun trying to shoot Marco photos. I wanted to try my gf camera pentex w20 water proof camera and get some fish but they would swim away when I put my hand into the ocean hmmm I have a fish tank at work… I’ll try tomorrow…

That is one thing i really like about my Nikon D40 its really good at macro shot’s… I hope the D80 is this good when i buy it.

that is too cool, great color.

I took this one this afternoon walking on the Rushbrook trail.

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Right next to that house that’s backyard slipped out the other year and has a black sewer pipe running down that says Shit Runs Downhill, huh?  I’m afraid I took a very similar photo in the same area…maybe the same flower…  :angry: 

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]