Macbook Hacked

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“A third-party USB adapter with different chips and drivers was used, and Apple says the two researchers haven’t provided Apple with code or a demonstration showing a working exploit on Apple equipment. The researchers added a note at their Web site confirming that only an unnamed third-party adapter was used.”

So basically they “cracked” a flaw in a third party USB driver (probably D-Link) and claimed they had found a Mac OS X flaw.

“Although an Apple MacBook was used as the demo platform, it was exploited through a third-party wireless device driver - not the original wireless device driver that ships with the MacBook.”

Do you know anybody with a Macbook who uses a USB wireless connection?  No, because the Macbook comes with a built-in wireless connection.

yup and if you watch the movie he uses a usb wireless too. I only know one person that uses a wireless usb.  and it is proprietary to the  companies network. No wireless card will work on the network unless using this usb one.

Princess Auto is dumping Linksys 802.11B wireless routers and USB adapters for $18.88.
If you want to fuck up your neighbours wireless G, go buy one and turn it on. The ping time from my laptop to a Linksys G a foot away dropped to 500ms and 30% packet loss the minute one was plugged in in the next room.

I just read this post by one of the black hat hackers at defcon that claimed they hacked a mac.
What do you think, MiG? :confused:

He’s basically saying that he can’t really reproduce the “hack” again.  It’s all bullshit, since the “hack” was on a USB wifi adapter, not on the Apple Wifi adapter.  So the Mac had nothing to do with it.  Besides, who turns off their internal wireless (with the nice antenna in the screen) to use a crappy USB wifi adapter?

See this challenge:

John Gruber says he’ll give them a free Macbook if they can hack it out of the box.

See also, the Slashdot story:

Jeez, if the hacker is the real deal he keeps a new macbook! 
I agree though it sounds like he’s blowing smoke out of his ass, a bullshit artist.  I’m curious to see if anything comes of this.  He probably won’t replicate the hack.